Laboratory Reagents & Chemicals

We offer high-purity reagents, solvents, and standards for inorganic trace analysis. As a supplier of analytical reagents and standards, quality assurance is our prime importance.


Acids are used for a wide verity of different chemical assays, tests and reactions besides being used as a cleaning agent ( like sulphuric acid). Strong mineral acid especially at a high concentration are very corrosive and must be handled carefully. Chemical Solvents are hydrocarbons with different functional groups be it alkanes ( like hexane), alcoholics ( like butanol ) or aromatic compounds ( like Benzene and its derivatives).

These are useful in chemistry, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and other lab setups or industries mainly to dissolve the solutes. Most of these are highly flammable and must be stored in fire safety cabinets or its equivalent with full care. These are also hazardous to human body parts and must be handled very carefully. These chemicals include a catalogue of acids and solvent that are used in batteries, anti-freeze and wood paints amongst others. Large range of chemicals that are used as refrigerant, fumigant, adhesives, laminates, coatings, mouldings etc are also covered.


Speciality chemicals are low volume, high value chemicals which are targeted towards specific end-use applications. They are used based on their function or performance, hence also known as performance chemicals. Adhesives, agrochemicals, fragrances, construction chemicals, elastomers, food additives, industrial gases, cleaning materials, cosmetics additives, lubricants, polymers and surfactants are some of the types of speciality chemicals available.
Agrochemicals are used for manufacturing insecticides and pesticides. Fragrances, cosmetic additives are sought after in the personal care domain.
Dyes, pigments and lubricants form an indispensable part of the paint and chemical industries. Surfactants fall in the category of water chemicals and are used as detergents.

Catalogue Products

  • Acids
  • Inorganic Salts
  • Indicators & Stains
  • High Purity Acts
  • High Purity Solvents
  • Solvents
  • Laboratory Detergents
  • pH Papers
  • Buffers
  • Ion Pair Reagets
  • Karl Fisher Solutions
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Reference Standards