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Our Life-science portfolio delivers products and services for life science research in academic and pharmaceutical environments. Our focus on genomic , proteomic and cellular analysis is supported by sample preparation, research reagents, intuitive detection platforms, and services to help customers better understand biological function and disease.

Discover our broad portfolio of Life Science platforms in genomics, proteomics, antibodies, biochemicals, buffer, immunoassays, multiplexing assays, sterile filtration & cell culture consumables.


Genomics is a broad term to denote the study of the genetic makeup of an organism that is the genome. This field of science includes all kinds of DNA/RNA related experiments which may have very diverse inferences in medicine , biology, microbiology, neuroscience, pharmacy and other branches of science.


PCR is a technique which amplifies or makes multiple copies of a sequence of DNA in interest. It initially involves the denaturation of the double-standard DNA at a temperature of 94°C to 96°C followed by the annealing or joining of the specifically designed primer at the target site and finally polymerase action leading to its elongation by the addition of the nucleotides. There are several variations of PCR including gradient PCR, digital PCR, Quantitative PCR, Real Time PCR, RT-PCR, nested PCR, multiplex PCR and so on. This molecular biology tool requires a variety of reagent solutions ad other requirements. These encompass buffer solutions, magnesium chloride solutions, SYBR green kits, genotypes Panels, polymerase kits, molecular biology grade water, primers, the sample DNA template, the deoxynucleoside triphosphate or dNTPs mixture, RNase inhibitors, RAPD kits etc. Explore each subcategory under Genomics for more specific details on techniques, procedures and product-related information.


Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteomes. A proteome is a set of proteins produced in an organism, system, or biological context. The proteome is not constant; it differs from cell to cell and changes over time. To some degree, the proteome reflects the underlying transcriptome. However, protein activity (often assessed by the reaction rate of the processes in which the protein is involved) is also modulated by many factors in addition to the expression level of the relevant gene.


Cell culture is fundamental to life science research in universities, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Whether your goal is to establish relevant cell models to answer research questions, or to produce recombinant proteins or virus particles, we have everything you need to keep your tissue culture room thriving. Our complete portfolio offers plenty of choices for quality essentials from fetal bovine serum (FBS), culture media, supplements, and cryopreservation reagents to filtration units, general labware, and specialty cultureware. Through partnerships with organisations like the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC), we remain committed to providing authenticated, validated, and frequently-cited tools for the propagation of mammalian cells and plant cells.

We can help you in acquiring your PCR Buffers, Regents, Kits , Cell Culture Products, Western Blotting Products, ElISA based kits, Antibodies, Medias, Cell Lines and many more an array of selection, available from popular brands such as Merck, Sigma, TCI and Kappa.

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